Peachtree Heights East
Neighborhood Organizations
Peachtree Heights Park, Inc. Trustees (Trustees)
  • In 1933, Una Rivers, widow of the original developer of Peachtree Heights East, deeded the Duck Pond and adjacent parks to the residents of the neighborhood in perpetual Trust.
  • In 1986, the then-Trustees formed a Georgia nonprofit corporation, Peachtree Heights Park, Inc., to hold title to the real estate of the parks.
  • Five trustees are required by the Trust and include three permanent members and the presidents of LOL and PHENA during their respective terms. 
  • The Trust does not give the trustees any power to raise money to care for the parks.
  • The three permanent Trustees serve as long as they are residents of Peachtree Heights East. According to the Trust, the Trustees select their successors. The current permanent Trustees are listed on the contact page
  • The Trustees serve as ex-officio members of the PHENA Board to ensure the Duck Pond Park is maintained, appropriate capital improvements are made, and property taxes are paid.

Peachtree Heights East Neighborhood Association, Inc. (PHENA)
  • In 1922, the Peachtree Heights Community Club was formed as a social club. According to meeting minutes from 1922-23, the group also took on responsibility for the care, stocking, and beautification of the Duck Pond, investigating sources of contamination flowing into the streams that fed the Duck Pond, and installation of electric street lights and sewer projects. Initial membership was $25 with $2 monthly dues. The club was discontinued after a few years.
  • In 1932, the Trustees took over management of the Duck Pond and Parks.
  • In 1952, the Peachtree Heights Community Club was resurrected, primarily because the Duck Pond Park was in bad condition and the Trustees did not have funds for improvements. The goals of the club included cleaning up the Pond and Parks, keeping the neighborhood ‘semi-rural’ as long as possible, and handling complaints about traffic from Christ the King.
  • Around 1990, the organization became the Peachtree Heights East Neighborhood Association or PHENA. 
  • In 2002, the Peachtree Heights East Neighborhood Association, Inc. was incorporated by the Georgia Secretary of State.
  • Membership is open to residents of single-family homes within the boundaries of Peachtree Heights East. Tenants, who are renting eligible homes, may join. 
  • Dues are set by the Board. 
  • There is one vote per membership. Member privileges include security patrol services, access to the online and printed member directory and member-only emails, and representation on NPU-B and zoning matters. Members also receive significantly discounted rates for Park rentals
  • PHENA Bylaws require that 4 officers and up to 8 additional directors are elected by PHENA members each year
  • Board terms are two years, and Board members may serve up to four consecutive years before rolling off the Board. They may be re-elected after a one-year interim period.
  • At times, the Parks position has had co-chairs, as this position can require more time than other Board positions.
  • The PHENA Board and Trustees meet monthly on the first Monday of the month
  • PHENA board members are covered by an officers and directory insurance policy
  • PHENA is a member of the Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods and the Atlanta City Neighborhood Planning Unit-B (NPU-B). Board members attend monthly meetings, and residents are also welcome to attend.
Ladies of the Lake Garden Club (LOL)
The “Ladies Club” or “Lake Club” has existed at least since the 1930s and perhaps even earlier. Women of the neighborhood worked together to tend the Duck Pond and Parks and to raise money for work they could not do themselves.
  • The Ladies of the Lake Garden Club was formally organized in 1974
  • The purpose is to provide stewardship for the Parks, including raising money for their upkeep and improvement, as well as organizing neighborhood events and offering a monthly learning/socializing opportunity for neighborhood women
  • Meets the third Thursday of every month except June, July, August, and December
  • Elected Board of Directors. 
  • The LOL President is a temporary member of the Trustees
  • Annual dues are $75 and cover meeting costs and miscellaneous expenses
  • Organizes, hosts, and pays for these neighborhood events - Easter Egg Hunt, July 4th Parade, Fall Festival and Pumpkin Float, and Annual Holiday Party.
  • Welcomes new residents with a basket that includes membership information and the PHE history book written by Bill Bell
  • Maintain the traffic triangle garden and the perennial garden at the Duck Pond.
  • Host its major fund-raising event, the Annual Garden Party, held the first Sunday in May. 2014 was the 29th anniversary of the party. Funds raised are used for the next Garden Party, support to PHENA, and other neighborhood events. 
  • LOL members must vote to approve all gifts.
The Ladies of the Lake Foundation, Inc.
To enhance its ability to seek donations and funding for the Garden Party, LOL set up a 503(c)(3) nonprofit foundation or “public charity” in 2011, which is a separate organization from LOL and has a separate board of directors.