Peachtree Heights East
The City of Atlanta has 25 Neighborhood Planning Units (NPU).  The purpose of the NPUs is to advise the City in three areas:
  • Development and Transportation – reviews applications for amendments to the City’s Comprehensive Development Plan including land use changes, infrastructure, traffic and special public interest districts.
  • Zoning – reviews zoning and variance requests from property owners and forwards recommendations to the City’s Zoning Review Board.
  • Public Safety – reviews applications for liquor licenses
Peachtree Heights East is a member of NPU B that includes 13 neighborhoods and 13 business representatives.  The full board of NPU B, as well as its three committees, meet monthly and are governed by bylaws approved each year by both the NPU and the City of Atlanta.  For more information on NPU B, including its bylaws, agendas, and minutes, visit their website at
Peachtree Heights East Member Help Line
Need help getting City-related issues resolved?  Maybe PHENA can help.  Please use our Contact Form, selecting "Zoning & NPU B Representation" and include the following information:
1.      Property Owner’s Name
2.      Property Address
3.      Property Owner’s Home Phone, Cell, if applicable and Email
4.      Description of City action needed and issues to be resolved
5.      Describe contacts made with city departments, including names, dates and correspondence
6.      Description of advice needed from PHENA
You will be contacted within a week to discuss the matter.  The board's goal is to provide a service to PHENA members by sharing our experience and the experience of our neighbors.  Working together, our goal is to get results.