Peachtree Heights East
Park Rules
The Duck Pond Park is privately owned by the Peachtree Heights East neighborhood. Members and Friends of the Park fund all of the park maintenance and improvement and security services. All events, professional and commercial photography or filming, classes, etc. must be reserved in advance by contacting
Everyone is welcome to enjoy the Park as long as these rules are observed:
  • No parking at curbing along the park at any time
  • The park closes at dark
  • Remove all trash before leaving
  • Touching or feeding wildlife is prohibited  
  • Keep dogs leashed; clean up after your dog and take waste with you
  • No boating or swimming
  • No signs
  • No tents or awnings, unless approved in your reservation
  • No excessive noise or amplified music, unless approved in your reservation 
  • No outdoor cooking, unless approved in your reservation
  • No commercial fishing classes, unless approved in your reservation
  • Do not throw sticks, rocks or other items into the pond or streams
  • Fishing is restricted to PHENA and FOP members who are current on dues. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult 18+ years of age. Fishing is only allowed in zones highlighted in yellow here.  Fishing in any other area of the park is prohibited. All fish caught must be released. Single hook fishing only.
  • Boats or inflatable rafts are not allowed  (small toy and model boats may be used)
  • No balloons may be released, no rice or confetti thrown, or sparklers or balloons used
If you have questions about the rules or would like further clarification, contact