Peachtree Heights East
Zoning & Codes
Zoning Variances for Construction Projects

Residents planning a construction or landscape project that may require a zoning variance should contact the PHENA Representative of NPU B and Zoning Board Member, through our Contact Form by selecting "Zoning & NPU B Representation". They will be able to explain the variance application process.  The process to receive a variance can take several months, and the variance must be granted before construction starts; please plan accordingly.

If you are planning a large project that will not require a variance, please provide your neighbors with a courtesy alert.   Monitor contractors to be sure they are observing all City ordinances, including those concerning permits, noise, trash, and parking.
Atlanta City Code
The Office of Code Enforcement is part of the Atlanta Police Department.  The code enforcement officer for PHE is Steven Clair;  his phone number is 404-330-6735.  For more information on filing a complaint with the Office of Code Enforcement, go to Filing a complaint.  Contact the PHENA Zoning Board member, through our Contact Form by selecting "Zoning & NPU B Representation", with any questions.
Atlanta’s City Code is available in an easy-to-search online database, click here.
(Note:  if the link above does not work, try: and browse the library for Atlanta.

Several of the most commonly- searched Code topics are:

• Noise:  Chapter 74, Article IV
• Trees:  Chapter 158, Article II
• Dogs:  Chapter 18, Article III
• Dog waste:  Chapter 18, Article I
Most ordinances include definitions, rules, enforcement methods and penalties and exceptions.
Below is a summary and short document that explains basic procedures with regards to the Code Enforcement Process and Compliance Actions for Code Violations.