Peachtree Heights East
Security & Traffic
PHENA provides security and traffic alerts to all neighbors who have provided their email address.   Officer Brian Beebe, an experienced law enforcement officer, has served our neighborhood since 2004.  Officer Beebe patrols the neighborhood and provides valuable services to our members. While he is on patrol, Officer Beebe is always happy to stop and answer questions about what he is doing.  It is important that he knows and recognizes PHE neighbors.

Please note that Officer Beebe is not on duty 24/7.  You should always call 911 first if you notice anything suspicious, are a crime victim, or need to report other police matters, such as excess noise, illegal parking or traffic violations.     
Member-ONLY  Services
  • To see Officer Beebe’s 2014 patrol log, click here.
  • To request a security vacation check of your home by Officer Beebe while you are away, click here.   
  • To request that Officer Beebe meet with you to conduct a security home inspection, click here.   
Any questions or issues to discuss, contact Wattie and Deb Stallworth at